Creating Friendships That Last a Lifetime

The winter season can become a hectic time of the year for nearly everyone. For those who are older or disabled the tasks of shopping and traveling can become extremely difficult as the need to get around becomes more demanding and limited.

During this their adult children that often take care of their family members begin to realize how difficult it is for them to run errands without assistance. They also note how lonely their family members can become as they become busy with the holiday season as their visits are often less frequent.

Hearts and Hands can assist with these needs, while providing volunteer- based care giver support. Caregiver support consists of having a friendly conversation, doing puzzles, watching television, reading, and much more. It does not involve giving hands on medical care.

Bridgette, a Hearts and Hands volunteer, has become a notable caregiver support volunteer with Hearts and Hands. Bridgette got involved with the organization after retiring in 2015. When she learned about the organization through a friend who was a current volunteer, she found herself quickly falling in love with the program and the feelings that came with volunteering. “When you give, you get back. It is almost like an instant gratification when you can help those around you who need assistance,” said Bridgette.

“It feels wonderful knowing that I was a large part of the reason that Sue was kept out of a home for much longer and was able to enjoy the rest of her life” said Bridgette.

During her time at Hearts and Hands Bridgette fell in love with the caregiver support program and began to volunteer on a weekly basis. She eventually became partnered up with Sue who signed up with Hearts and Hands to receive services. As Sue has gotten older, she needed more support from Hearts and Hands as she did not have family to support her. This is where Bridgette stepped in, and they eventually grew a bond that would last a lifetime. During this time Bridgette assisted with driving her around, household chores and taking the time to talk with her. This allowed the women to prolong going into assisted living until it was truly deemed necessary. They grew a bond over five years. “It feels wonderful knowing that I was a large part of the reason that Sue was kept out of a home for much longer and was able to enjoy the rest of her life” said Bridgette.

The demand for caregiver support during the holiday season, and throughout the year is high. Family members can get worn out, or others might not have family around to assist them with household tasks. Hearts and Hands is asking for community members to take a chance on volunteering, just as Bridgette did.

Hearts and Hands makes volunteering easy. Volunteers can choose their own schedule, including how many hours they are available, and know in advance who they are helping and the exact need they are being asked to assist with. The organization also provides supplemental insurance, along with mileage reimbursement, if the volunteers choose to receive it. Care receivers can also feel safe with volunteers as before they begin their service Hearts and Hands makes sure all volunteers pass a background check and training session to ensure they are qualified.

Ready to make a difference and help a neighbor need? Call our office at (716) 406-8311 ext. 102 or apply on our website,

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