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While the original vision for Hearts and Hands was to serve one rural community, demand for our services has driven a new vision of serving all of WNY. Our dedicated volunteers continue to amaze by driving over 100,000 miles a year and getting our care recipients where they need to go throughout the region. They also provide non-medical supports in the home of the care recipient delaying the need for institutional healthcare.

Volunteers are recruited from all over WNY and our care recipients are referred through our community partners including our interfaith coalition, local service organizations, fellow not for profits and governmental agencies. Additional resources allow us to expand our presence with a local branch office.

Yard Work Volunteers Needed

As spring gets into full swing, Hearts and Hands is in need of volunteers to perform basic yard work for our care receivers.  Several of these assignments are one-time spring cleanups.  If you already volunteer for Hearts and Hands in other ways, and would be willing to help with yard work assignments, contact your volunteer coordinator to help out.  The need is particularly great in Akron, Amherst and Lockport. If you would like to become a volunteer for Hearts and Hands, call us at 406-8311. Volunteers are required to take part in a brief training session before receiving any assignments. To find the next scheduled training, please reference our calendar and give us a call at (716) 406-8311. Volunteers also get to choose the time(s) and date(s) they wish to serve!  We welcome your... read more

Hearts and Hands Appoints New Executive Director

Hearts and Hands, a nonprofit organization which pairs volunteers with older and physically-challenged adults for transportation and in-home support, has appointed Kathleen Oczek as its Executive Director. Oczek was previously employed by the Evergreen Foundation as its Vice President of Advancement, to develop and implement fundraising activities and oversee volunteer management, for events including annual giving campaigns, grant writing and fundraisers, primarily for HIV/AIDS services.  She participated in the agency’s senior management team, and prepared marketing plans and collateral materials for fundraising and appeals.  Oczek was with the organization for 14 years. Prior to her time with Evergreen, Oczek was the Director of Development for the Heritage Oak Foundation, and the Executive Director of Cradle Beach Camp. She also worked for the Buffalo General Hospital Foundation as its Director of Development. Kathy Flynn, Board of Directors Chairperson for Hearts and Hands, commented on Kathleen’s appointment: “There was great interest from potential candidates.  A committee of board members screened and interviewed candidates, and asked them to demonstrate how they would handle the real challenge of expanding services to meet the high demand.  Kathy brings vast experience in not-for-profit management, fundraising, volunteer services and strategic planning. “The board is excited to bring Kathy on staff and is confident in her leadership ability to take the organization to its next level of growth and maturity.” Oczek has a degree from SUNY College at Buffalo, and began her career in education. As a remedial math teacher, she established the Title IV-C remedial math program serving children in elementary and junior high for the Wilson School District.  She is a member and past president of the... read more

Hearts and Hands Holds Second Annual “Board to Death!”

It’s time once again to dust off your detective badges, pull out your fingerprint kits and polish up your magnifying glasses: Hearts and Hands is once again planning “Board to Death: A boredom-busting mystery-solving scavenger hunt,” a  crime sleuth event for families and friends, held in the village of Akron, NY. “Board to Death!” comes to Akron on May 21st, beginning with registration at 1:30 PM in Russell Park. The event concerns a fictional crime committed by one of a handful of shady suspects: Colonel Beryl Cerulean, a retired navy officer; Mr. Carmine Cardinale, a local butcher; Miss Olive Moss, a school teacher; Ms. Tawny Saffron, a former beauty queen; Lord Periwinkle Mulberry, a vacationer from England, and Miss Peaches Tangerine, a fruit farm operator. Participants will have to figure out who committed the crime against a local not-for-profit board member, Mr. D. Ed Ikated. They’ll also have to figure out where the crime took place and with what weapon. Those who correctly guess the crime will be entered to win a glamping trip to The Woods at Bear Creek, 3510 Bear Creek Road in Franklinville, NY. Glamping is a word meaning “glamorous camping,” and combines all the pleasures of an outdoor environment, with none of the difficulties.  The Woods at Bear Creek trip includes a stay of two nights between Monday and Thursday for 4 people in one of 16 well-appointed cabins. Breakfast is included. Features at the resort camping facility include 1400’ zip line, an in-ground heated pool, a 20-acre lake with paddleboats, kayaks and canoes available for use, golf carts for transportation, miles of trails, basketball... read more