Our Services

Increasing access to care.

Hearts and Hands is a volunteer based non-profit organization that provides free escorted transportation, companionship, and in-home supports for older adults in communities throughout Erie and Eastern Niagara Counties. Our care recipients are often individuals who stopped driving due to age-related medical conditions or for financial reasons. Recipients may also need assistance at home with light yard work and home maintenance, or companionship to renew and refresh their caregiver.

Our elderly neighbors are often lonely, isolated, and in need of friendly human interaction. In response to a recent community assessment and a national assessment from AARP, Hearts and Hands has designed our program to address social isolation through all three avenues of service: transportation, household supports, and companionship. Hearts and Hands volunteers may be the only people our care receivers see during a week, and their company is, in and of itself, a bright spot in daily life.

Hearts and Hands is a best-efforts program. Services are provided by volunteers who give their time as they have it available.

Program Eligibility

Who is eligible for the Hearts & Hands service program?

  • Older adults age 60+
  • Adults with a disability

Our service area extends across Erie County and Eastern Niagara County.


Providing transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, and social or worship gatherings.

Companionship Services

Spending leisure time with care recipients allows us to give their caregiver some respite.

In-Home Services

Helping with light yard work and basic home maintenance to increase comfort.

Exhale Program

Increasing access to support and services for caregivers and their loved ones.



I cannot express how much I appreciate Hearts and Hands. I have benefited immeasurably by the transportation provided by volunteers, which has allowed me to participate in the water fitness classes at the YMCA for several years. My doctor has stated that the water fitness exercise has kept me out of a wheelchair.

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