Hearts and Hands is in need of your support!

Whether it is your time, talent or treasure, your support will assist us in recruiting, training and maintaining the dedicated volunteer base necessary if we are going to meet the needs of the growing number under-served individuals in our communities.

A gift of $5 underwrites two trips to Physical Therapy in Akron for an individual recovering from knee surgery.

A gift of $8 underwrites a trip to the grocery store so proper nutrition can keep our elderly neighbors healthy.

A gift of $16 underwrites one trip to Roswell Park Memorial Hospital for chemotherapy. A gift of $20 underwrites a month’s worth of trips for medication level blood work.

A gift of $80 underwrites four trips to Orchard Park for Occupational Therapy for an individual with Multiple Sclerosis.


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Program Sponsors

Bristol Village County Line Stone Cloisters and Meadows Appartments Friedman & Ranzenhofer Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp.

Business Benefactor

Bank of Akron Bank of Holland Ingram Micro I Squared R Element Co., Inc. Perry's Ice Cream
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