Keeping Our Community Active

An important step in aging gracefully is keeping up with your physical health. Physical activity can allow for seniors to continue to live an independent lifestyle while boosting their immune system at the same time. According to The GreenFields, an affiliate of Niagara Lutheran Health System, regular physical activity and exercise for seniors can help improve both their mental and physical health, as well as keeping their independence as they age.

A major benefit of staying physically active is disease prevention. Studies have shown that with regular physical activity one can prevent heart disease, and diabetes, while improving their overall immune function. Seniors can also lower their risk of falling through improvement of their flexibility and strength.

Physical activity not only improves the body and its health but can also have an impact on the mind and cognitive functions as well. By engaging regularly in physical activity one can relieve stress and begin to feel happier as exercise produces endorphins. For older adults this can also lead to a better night’s sleep. Studies have shown that those who continue with regular physical activities have a lower risk of dementia. This can allow for an even longer independent life.

Hearts and Hands assists seniors with keeping up with their physical activities to ensure that they live a long healthy life. Hearts and Hands Care Receivers can request transportation to their local gym, YMCA, or other organizations that can help them keep with an active, healthy lifestyle. These requests can also include trips to physical therapy and the chiropractor.

Hearts and Hands volunteers also provide friendly visits. During these visits Care Receivers can keep up with their physical activity by going on a walk with a volunteer while having a pleasant conversation. Along with transportation and friendly visits, Hearts and Hands volunteers also assist with meal preparation. Care Receivers can have a volunteer come to their home to assist in preparing healthy meals, bringing their healthy lifestyle fill circle.

At Hearts and Hands, we are aware of how important it is to keep up with a healthy lifestyle through physical activity while aging. We strive to make this as easy as possible for our Care Receivers. Whether it be through receiving a ride to the gym or physical therapist, or through a friendly walk, Hearts and Hands, goal is to create a happy, healthy life for those we serve so they can age gracefully in-place at home.

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