Companionship Services

Would you enjoy visiting with one of our care receivers for a few hours a month? Are you in need of a break from caregiving? Does your son or daughter, husband or wife, need a couple of hours to go shopping, or to go to their own appointments? Hearts and Hands Companionship program may be the answer.

Frequently, individuals who are responsible for caring for an elderly family member are expected to provide care around the clock, including on weekends and holidays. This can quickly become overwhelming for the caregiver, who may also have a job and family of their own. In some cases, this level of ongoing stress can lead to caregiver burnout, making it even more difficult to provide appropriate care.

Hearts and Hands is in need of volunteers to provide respite for caregivers and make friendly visits to some of our care receivers. During a friendly visit volunteers sit with one of our care receivers; providing friendly company-- talking, playing card games, or doing a craft project-- while the caregiver can get out to run errands or just take some time for themselves. Volunteers do not do anything medical or hands on. Training is available for anyone wanting to be a Companion Volunteer.