Helping Liz’s Father

At Hearts and Hands, we pride ourselves on being able to provide services for older adults, allowing them the freedom to continue living an independent life. With our services we can give those who need assistance the tools to continue to live on their own. With this we are also able to give families a sense of ease as they know their loved one is in good hands.

Some older adults are fortunate enough to have family members around them that have the capacity to help their loved ones with their everyday needs. Hearts and Hands allows caregivers to take a break to avoid burn out. Others do not have the privilege to care for loved ones as they might not have enough time or are living in areas sometimes up to thousands of miles away. Such as in the case of Liz and her father, Robert.

Liz said, “Not only has Paul quickly become a big help in my Father’s life, but he has also become a friend.”

Liz would love to take care of her father who is 91 years old, but she lives in North Dakota and is unable to provide the rides that he needs on a weekly basis. Wanting to help her father she started to look for resources that could assist with driving him to his biweekly grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and other errands. Reaching out to social services Liz was provided with information about Hearts and Hands. After learning about Hearts and Hands services, Liz decided to reach out with the hope of receiving assistance for her father.

Liz was able to begin the intake process on behalf of her father and was eventually set up with Sally, one of Hearts and Hands Volunteer Coordinators. This is where her journey began with the organization. For Liz, Sally makes setting up her appointments and easy process, by emailing her every other Wednesday to set up appointments for the following week. Robert just tells Liz when his appointments are, and she relays that information to Sally who then finds an available volunteer.

At first Robert would have his friend Diane drive him around to appointments, but shortly after starting she had an accident and could no longer drive Robert. Hearts and Hands was able to set Robert up with a new driver, Paul, and they quickly clicked. Liz said, “Not only has Paul quickly become a big help in my Father’s life, but he has also become a friend.” Liz is grateful for all that Paul does, and is glad that her father can have a volunteer who not only goes above and beyond the job assigned but can bring a joy to Robert’s life.

Through Hearts and Hands Liz can feel at ease knowing her father is in good hands and happy he can keep his freedom at 91 years old. She says that “finding Hearts and Hands has been a godsent.” After starting with the program Liz has been inspired by the work of Hearts and Hands and the positive impact, we have had on her and her father’s life that she has started to investigate organizations and non- profits in North Dakota like Hearts and Hands. Liz hopes to volunteer after retirement in the hopes of bringing another family success, just like her and her father.

Want to make a difference and help a neighbor in need? Call our office at (716) 406-8311 or apply on our website, Would your loved one benefit from transportation or social connection services? Call (716) 406-8311.

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