Dear Friends at Hearts and Hands,

I felt I had to let you know that your services are invaluable to our mother and to us.  Without you, she would have little contact with the outside world.  Not only is it so important that she has caring volunteers to take her to her medical appointments, but it is crucial to her “mental health” that you are willing to take her to her hair appointments, to the store, or wherever she needs to go.  It makes her feel like she’s still part of the community and encourages her to take care of herself.

Since our mother has started with Hearts & Hands she has met numerous volunteers.  Each and every one of them has been more wonderful in her eyes than the one before.  Your volunteers treat her with respect and caring and she feels they really “watch out” for her when they are out at appointments.  She feels she makes a new friend each time a volunteer comes to the door.

Thank you for your service.  You cannot imagine the positive impact it has had on our family and especially for our mother.



Hearts and Hands mission is one of love and compassion for our older, vulnerable neighbors.  Every day volunteers are spending their time in service to older neighbors who are alone and can’t get out of the house or need some assistance to remain in their home. These volunteers are living the example of “love your neighbor.” This February, will you pledge to make a difference for your neighbor? Make the first step in volunteering with Hearts and Hands and sign up today at

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