Boy Scout Volunteers in Akron

Brodie needed to volunteer to earn a badge for his boy scout troop, and so he looked for ways that he could volunteer in his community. Hearts & Hands was able to assist Brodie in finding some great opportunities to do yardwork in Akron, along with his father Derek supervising him. Both Brodie and Derek were able to help four of our care receivers in the community of Akron. Some benefits of getting someone at Brodie’s age to volunteer include developing new communication and career-related skills, improved attitudes toward older adults, and the development of meaningful relationships and friendships. Brodie had some things to say about his experience volunteering with Hearts & Hands “This opportunity to volunteer with Hearts & Hands has allowed me to learn how to do some basic yardwork including weed whacking, and mowing.” Overall Brodie felt like it was a great opportunity to give back to his community, while also working towards his Citizenship and Community Badge. Brodie also plans to continue to volunteer in different ways in the future, he shared that he attends a Catholic High School and over the course of four years he must complete a total of 100 hours. Derek, the father of Brodie said that “Hearts & Hands made it easy for us to find opportunities to give back to our community. It is such a small town, and we all need to be there for one another and help out. Every person that we helped was so thankful and gracious for the help, it made it all feel worth it. Every little thing that we can do to give back helps.” Hearts & Hands is so grateful to Brodie and his father Derek for their volunteer work, thank you for choosing us to help you find the right volunteer opportunity in your community.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, it also is proven to provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. Our organization helps to support older adults, by providing them with services that help improve their quality of life and enhance their ability to live in their home of choice. With your help we can help older adults get the services they need to live a more independent and healthier lifestyle. For older adults having the ability to stay in the home of their choice is often the most cost effective, and it helps maintain their dignity. By delaying just one institutional placement our program saves $135,415 per year for the individual, their family or taxpayers (Medicaid) ( Over 10,000 volunteer hours are donated to the mission annually. Based on the Independent Sector’s 2018 valuation of $24.69 per volunteer hour, volunteers contribute the equivalent of over $200,000 annually in assistance for seniors through the Hearts and Hands program. ( We have volunteering opportunities for people of all ages. There are so many ways that you can volunteer and give back to your community, it just takes that first step to find the right fit.

Akron currently has a 6-8 month waiting period to become a care receiver with Hearts & Hands, when one volunteer signs up we can take two people off the waiting list. Some of the services that are most needed in Akron are transportation services, light yardwork assistance, and companionship services. If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit our website to fill out an application, or give us a call at 716-406-8311.